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  • 2010s


    • 2011.12Awarded 10 Million Dollar Prize on the 48th International Trade Day
    • 2011.11Pasteur Milk Co., Ltd. merged into Lotte Samkang Co., Ltd.
    • 2011.10Launched Balance Five and renewed Apple Yogurt
    • 2011.08Renewed ‘Goat Milk Powder’
    • 2011.08Launched Valencia Orange and Apple in 230mL and 950mL
    • 2011.07Launched ‘Milk of Day Melon and Coffee’
    • 2011.05Renewed ‘Quebyeon’
    • 2011.05Renewed ‘Grand Noble’
    • 2011.04Relocated the head quarters to Yangpyeong Lotte Building
    • 2011.04Launched ‘Gangwon Clean Ranch Premium Gold Low Fat Milk’


    • 2010.12Joined Lotte Group as a subsidiary
    • 2010.06Launched We Plus
    • 2010.06<MSD with Mom> designated as ‘Bestseller of H1 2010’ by Maeil Business
    • 2010.05Launched 240ml package designs of Valencia (orange, apple, tomato)
    • 2010.04Renewed ‘MSD with Mom’
    • 2010.03Participated in the 17th Seoul International Baby Fair
    • 2010.03Launched 'Ranch beside Me Organic Yogurt’ (blueberry)
    • 2010.03Launched ‘Yogurt Drink’ 65mL
    • 2010.03Launched ‘Pasteur Yogurt Rich Type’ (strawberry, blueberry)
  • 2000s


    • 2009.11Launched 'Gangwon Clean Ranch Milk - Organic (700ML)'
    • 2009.10Launched 'Pasteurized Low Fat Milk (1.8L)'
    • 2009.08Launched an upgraded ‘Quebyeon’
    • 2009.04Launched ‘Premium Organic Farm’, a new baby food product
    • 2009.03Launched ‘Premium Organic Baby Formula’, a new organic baby formula
    • 2009.02Launched ‘Refreshment 4000’, an antioxidative yoghurt


    • 2008.12Launched 'Pasteurized Gangwon Clean Ranch Milk – Organic’
    • 2008.11Launched 'Ranch beside Me Organic Milk - Low fat’
    • 2008.11Ranked 1st in the consumer safe food product milk powder category and 2nd in the milk category of 2008 Prosumer Survey of Korea Economic Daily
    • 2008.10‘Pasteurized Fresh Milk’ ranked 1st in the Korea Consumer Wellbeing Index of the Korean Standards Association
    • 2008.07Launched ‘Premium Kid’s Soymilk’
    • 2008.06Launched 'Valencia Apple’
    • 2008.06Launched 'With Mom Soft Baby Wipe'
    • 2008.06Renewed 'New Jewelry Series'
    • 2008.05Renewed 'Calcium Balance Milk’
    • 2008.03Yummy Cheese Milk launched
    • 2008.01Red Ginseng Soy Milk launched


    • 2007.12Quebyeon Yogurt approved as an official fermented milk of Korean Society of Coloproctology
    • 2007.08Clean Yogurt in Woods, Clean Milk in Woods launched
    • 2007.03test2009Clean Yogurt in Woods, Clean Milk in Woods launched


    • 2006.04Quebyeon Yogurt recommended by Korean Society of Coloproctology as an effective beverage for constipation
    • 2006.02Ranch beside Me Organic Milk, Yogurt launched
  • 1990s


    • 1995.08DHA Milk, DHA Yogurt launched


    • 1994.12Certificated to supply fresh milk to the US Army for the first time in Asia, 3rd time in the world


    • 1993.07Hosang yogurt, Yeye launched


    • 1991.06Pasteur Low Fat Milk launchedy
  • 1980s


    • 1989.05No. 2 Pasteur Plant established
    • 1989.05Premium Honey Ice Cream launched
    • 1989.02Natural Cheese (Gouda, Emmental, Camembert, Cream cheese), Fondue launched


    • 1988.06Traditional Bulgarian Yogurt (fermented milk drink), Apple Yogurt launched for the first time in Korea


    • 1987.09No. 1 Pasteur Plant established, pasteurized milk (63°c, 30 minutes) launched for the first time in Korean